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  • There should be picquets on the line of the Portina, sentries huddled against the chill wind looking towards the enemy, but no-one had stopped him and asked his business.

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    Naturally, Krossig had also seen the documentary that Cade, Marie, and the others had made in South America.
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    Maybe she's in a morgue somewhere with a tag on her toe.
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  • He took the elevator to his office-apartment atop the main building.
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    I eyed him weakly, my hand faltering about the bars of the bicycle.
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    Some Southern white women put up with this kind of thing, others were deeply grieved, others seemed unconcerned.
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    He supposed it was possible that Missy would mention it to Rachel, but he didn t think so.

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  • The deputy chief had missed McGurk at headquarters and had come here to get him to sign some papers on manpower shifts in Brooklyn.
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  • Doc Savage guided the roadster off the lane, parking it in a spot where it was not likely to be seen.

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    We haven't had much time to talk about that, about us.
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  • He was as intensely alive as the receiver of a wireless apparatus; he gathered information from the empty air.

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    These were the losers, and some of them went on through the exits to the parking lot, and some stopped at the bars, and most of them moved toward the bet windows.
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    Talk of this kind for years before the war had not increased friendli ness for Germany.
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  • A few villagers eyed the direwolves anxiously as the riders went past, and one man dropped the wood he was carrying as he shrank away in fear, but most of the townfolk had grown used to the sight.
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